7 Steps for Effective Wayfinding in Healthcare

Seattle Children's Hospital after the wayfinding redesign

In today’s competitive climate, wayfinding in healthcare goes beyond functional necessity; it serves as a prime opportunity to differentiate and make a brand statement.

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The Challenges & Opportunities of Building Microhospitals

Microhospitals may be small, but they’re gaining ground in healthcare.

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How will Changes in Care Delivery Impact Facilities Planning?

Rapidly advancing technology and a growing market for outpatient services are transforming healthcare.

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What is the State of LEED for Healthcare?

When LEED was launched in 2000, the green building movement took off. Building owners across numerous industries embraced the promise (and purpose) of LEED, but the unique complexity of hospitals made certification a challenge.

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How Healthcare Facilities Leaders are Using Uncertainty to their Advantage

How can healthcare leaders be strategic in planning and building future facilities during this era of rapid change?

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Is Modular Construction Ready for Prime Time in Healthcare?

Is the era of hospitals being built brick by brick coming to a close?

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The Future of Healthcare: Q&A with Mike Walsh

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is undergoing a period of profound change. For health system leaders, there’s no crystal ball during these times of flux-–so who better to consult than a renowned futurist?

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The Retailization of Healthcare - What Can Healthcare Learn from Retail?

There's a lot up in the air regarding the future of healthcare in America, but one thing is certain: retail healthcare is emerging as an accessible, affordable powerhouse despite a climate of uncertainty. The retail healthcare revolution is...

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How will Blockchain Impact Healthcare Facilities Management?

The hype over Blockchain technology’s potential in the healthcare world is growing at a rapid-fire pace, yet the majority of people have more questions than answers. What exactly is Blockchain, and why is everyone buzzing about it? 

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